Chiller Service

For more than a decade The TurboChyll Company has provided specialty Chiller Service for our clients in the Medical, Industrial and Commercial segment of our trade.

Our Medical Chillers that not only provide comfort cooling for Operating and Delivery Rooms but maintain critical medial systems such as MRI's and CAT Machines. Process Chillers are used in the manufacturing of anything from Vitamins to Cosmetics, Injection Molding to Manufacturing, which are all critical for operation and profitability for our clients. Comfort cooling is provided for our Commercial Institutional and Residential Buildings clients.

All our technicians are trained and experienced in the maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of all types of Chillers, Reciprocating, Scroll and Screw Style compressors.

Here are some of the Chiller Services we offer:

 •  Comprehensive and Customizable Maintenance Programs for your particular facility
 •  Customized documented operation reports
 •  Oil and Refrigerant analysis reports
 •  Non-destructive Eddy Current testing
 •  Controls Upgrades
 •  Refrigerant management, leak testing , repairs and conversions
 •  Emergency Chiller rentals and installation with 24 hour turnaround

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