Cooling Tower Service

More and more of our clients have been made aware of the importance of Cooling Tower Maintenance. With all the new regulations and fines being imposed on tower owners, regular maintenance inspections and servicing are more critical than ever. Water loss due to leaks, misadjusted floats and excessive drift can cost thousands in water and treatment chemical loss and fines.

We offer the following services to keep our customers Towers efficient and compliant:

• Customized Maintenance Agreements
• CIM high-performance coatings and lining systems
• Turbo Cooling Tower Inspection Checklist (CTIC)
• Drift Eliminator, Installation Evaluation, Service and Repair
• Vibration Analysis and Balancing
• Gear and Driveline Alignment, Service and Replacement
• Electronic Makeup Water Installation, Adjustments and Upgrades.
• Rebuild and Overhaul of your Tower
• Replacement when rebuilding is not an option

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