Plant Services

Mechanical, Industrial, and Psychical Plants are necessary Infrastructure used for the base operations of any given building. Providing our customers with the attention and solutions needed to maintain this vital foundation of Building Operation. We hold ourselves to a blue-ribbon standard of service to bring our customers to the highest standard of operations.

Plant Services Include:

1. MER ASHRE compliance plans
2. Integrated Refrigerant Monitoring Systems
3. Vibration Analysis
4. Balance Testing
5. Thermal Imaging analysis
6. Steam Trap Auditing with Analysis
7. Plate and Frame Heat exchanger, dye penetrant testing, Service and Maintenance
8. U-Tube Steam Heat Exchangers
9. Heat Wheel, Service and Maintenance
10. VFD, Service and Maintenance
11. Ventilation Solution
12. Water heaters and Tanks
13. M.E.R.Cooling Solutions
14. Water Distribution and Pumps
15. Valve Testing
16. Pump Control, Integrated pump starters

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